The body is the undisputed protagonist of non-verbal language and it is always the focus of attention, seduces and it is really powerful. To take care of your own skin is the key for feeling good: To take care of yourself and like yourself increases self confidence and all this is reflected externally through our body. Filling senses with pleasure, sublimating every desire of the skin is the vocation of IO'™ body line, which obtains extraordinary results for a genuine, long-lasting beauty. State of art formulations in the shape of fluffy creams, concentrates and soft gels, to give the body a silky and firm skin, ridding it of blemishes caused by cellulite, fat deposits and skin slackening, thus restoring softness and elasticity. The wonderful caress of IO', bestows an authentic, sensational and ecstatic sensation of well-being to the body. Every formulation is targeted and conceived to counteract every body blemish. It is also included in a revolutionary methodology which finds its best allies in the most innovative Biotechnologies for cosmetics and cosmetic medicine.

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